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2010 Newsletters

SPC&B Safety News – December 23, 2010

CPSC's Federal Register Notice Lifting Testing and Certification Enforcement Stay for Non-Children's Products to be Published December 27, 2010


SPC&B Update – December 21, 2010

Is Your Supply Chain Security Profile Up-to-Date?  CBP to Implement New Annual Review Procedure in 2011


SPC&B Update – December 17, 2010

Supreme Court Split Decision in Costco Gray Market Copyright Case

SEC Proposes New Rules on Required Disclosure of "Conflict Minerals"


SPC&B Safety News – December 14, 2010

Italy Seizes Textile Apparel Due to High Levels of Chromium (VI)


SPC&B Textile Report – December 10, 2010

Congress Passes Truth in Fur Labeling Act


SPC&B Safety News – December 9, 2010

CPSC to Vote on Testing and Certification for Non-Children's Apparel, Carpets and Rugs


SPC&B Update – December 8, 2010

New Statistical Breakouts for 2011 Tariff


SPC&B Update – December 2, 2010

DOC Posts Proposals to Strengthen AD and CVD Laws


SPC&B Update – November 23, 2010

Lacey Act Update


SPC&B Safety News – November 19, 2010

CPSC Lifts Testing and Certification Stay for Flammability of Children's Sleepwear

Canada Reduces Lead in Paint/Surface Coating Limit


SPC&B Update – November 10, 2010

Reminder:  Have You Protected Your Confidential Inward Manifest Information?


SPC&B Safety News – November 4, 2010

Update on GCC Requirement on Flammability for Non-Children's Apparel

CPSC Commissioners Discuss Testing for Flammability of Children's Sleepwear

Korea Issues Draft Safety Criteria for Children's and Infants' Textile Products


SPC&B Safety News – October 19, 2010

Selling in California – Are Your Products Phthalate-Free?


SPC&B Safety News – October 7, 2010

California Limits Cadmium in Children's Jewelry Beginning January 1, 2012

CPSC Publishes Final Rule on Definition of "Children's Product"


SPC&B Update – September 28, 2010

CBP Withdraws Proposal to Change First Sale Valuation


SPC&B Update – September 20, 2010

ITC Commences Investigation on Festive Articles Provisions


SPC&B Safety News – September 13, 2010

Importer/Distributor is Penalized $125,000 for Failing to Report Drawstrings in Children's Sweatshirts


SPC&B Safety News – August 18, 2010

CPSC Lifts Stay on Testing and Certification for Flammability of Children's Textile Clothing and Children's Mattresses, Mattress Pads, and/or Mattress Sets


SPC&B Safety News – July 30, 2010

CPSC to Vote on Third Party Testing and Certification Requirements for Flammability of Children's Textile Clothing


SPC&B Update – July 30, 2010

USTR & Labor Department File Labor Rights Case Against Guatemala


SPC&B Safety News – July 26, 2010

CPSC Seeks Comments on Feasibility of 100 ppm Lead Limit in Children's Products


SPC&B Update – July 21, 2010

CBP Posts Supply Chain Security Risk Assessment Guide


SPC&B Safety News – July 20, 2010

Third Party Testing and Certification Will be Required for Vinyl Plastic Film in Children's Apparel


SPC&B Update – July 19, 2010

CBP Seeks Special Tariff Provisions for Duty Free Treatment of Certain Utilitarian Festive Articles, Including Wearing Apparel


SPC&B Safety News – July 15, 2010

CPSC Publishes Detention FAQs


SPC&B Textile Report – July 8, 2010

Validity of Yarns America Affidavits of Origin Under Review


Export Update – July 1, 2010

Handbag Retailers and Wholesalers Settle California Proposition 65 Suit


SPC&B Safety News – June 4, 2010

Handbag Retailers and Wholesalers Settle California Proposition 65 Suit


SPC&B Textile Report – May 26, 2010

Bipartisan House Group Introduces Textile Enforcement and Security Act of 2010; Increased Verification of Origin and Preferential Duty Claims Will Result

President Obama Signs HELP Act for Haiti


SPC&B Safety News – May 6, 2010

CPSC to Publish Notices of Proposed Rulemaking on Testing Procedures and Mandatory Drawstring Ban


SPC&B Safety News – May 4, 2010

CPSC to Discuss Mandatory Drawstring Ban and Testing Procedures on May 5, 2010


SPC&B Safety News – April 27, 2010

CBP, CPSC Take First Steps to Increase CPSC's Role in Detention Process and Import Safety Risk Assessments


SPC&B Textile Report – April 23, 2010

EC Adds Wearing Apparel to Byrd Amendment Sanctions

China Imposes Antidumping Duties on Nylon-6

Customs Modification of Ruling Letter Shows Importance of Careful Request Drafting


SPC&B Safety News – April 14, 2010

CPSC Issues Proposed Rules on Testing and Certification for Non-Children's and Children's Products


SPC&B Safety News – March 31, 2010

CPSC Proposes Interpretative Rule on Definition of "Children's Product"

Several States Ban BPA in Certain Products

Proposition 65 Claims on the Rise

Draft Legislation to Amend CPSIA Under Discussion

Proposed Connecticut Legislation Would Regulate "Chemicals of Concern" in Children's Products

CPSC Finalizes Rule on Civil Penalty Factors and Looks Toward Enforcement of CPSIA's Prohibited Acts