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2011 Newsletters

SPC&B Update – December 16, 2011

EU Postpones Implementation of New Customs Code until 2016


SPC&B Textile Report – November 30, 2011

Humane Society Files Complaint Against 11 Retailers for Alleged False Advertising of "Faux Fur" Articles


SPC&B Safety News – November 9, 2011

CPSC Enhances Business Portal

Denmark Intends to Restrict Chromium VI in Leather Consumer Articles


SPC&B Safety News – November 8, 2011

Reminder – Third Party Testing/Certification will be Required for Children's Products Subject to Lead, Phthalates and Toy Standards Starting December 31, 2011

CPSC Publishes Notices on Testing Program Requirements for Children's Products; Non-Children's Product Reasonable Testing Program Rules Put on the Shelf

California Issues Draft "Green Chemistry" Regulation


SPC&B Textile Report – October 31, 2011

EU's New Textile Labeling Regulation to be Applied as of May 2012


SPC&B Update – October 25, 2011

CBP Preparing Implementation of New Merchandise Processing Fee


SPC&B Update – October 18, 2011

President to Sign FTAs, GSP Renewal on Friday


SPC&B Update – October 13, 2011

Congress Passes Other Trade Measures Along with FTAs – GSP, ATPA, TAA, and Increase in MPF


SPC&B Textile Report – October 5, 2011

EU Eliminates Certificate of Origin Requirement for Textile and Apparel Products


SPC&B Update – October 3, 2011

CBP Discontinues Mailing Paper Courtesy Notices of Liquidation for Electronically Filed Entries

ITA Final Rule Ends Practice of Accepting Bonds During Provisional Antidumping/ Countervailing Duty Investigations


SPC&B Update – September 27, 2011

CBP Contemplates Expanding Acceptability of Transfer Price Formulas Involving Post-Importation Adjustments under Transaction Value

CBP Scrutinizing Parties Connected to DDP/LDP Transactions


SPC&B Update – September 12, 2011

CBP Adds New Sections to C-TPAT Security Profiles for Some Members

CBP to Eliminate Paper Courtesy Notices of Liquidation for Entries Filed in ABI

Reminder – California Anti-Slavery Supply Chain Disclosure Law Goes into Effect January 1, 2012


SPC&B Textile Report – September 6, 2011

Brazil Issues New Requirements to Monitor and Control Textile and Apparel Imports


SPC&B Safety News – August 15, 2011

President Signs CPSIA Amendment Legislation

Changes Ahead for Chinese Textile Safety Standard


SPC&B Textile Report – August 4, 2011

National Textile Association Submits, Then Withdraws, Safeguard Petition on Upholstery Fabrics from China

CPSC May Target Ultrasheer Garments as Safety Hazard

Least Developed Country Trade Preference Program Legislation Introduced in Senate

Textile Enforcement Bill Reintroduced in House


SPC&B Safety News – August 2, 2011

Congress Passes CPSIA Amendment – Bill Provides for Prospective Application of 100 ppm Lead Limit on August 14, 2011


SPC&B Safety News – August 1, 2011

CPSC Adopts Testing Requirements for Phthalates and Toy Standard, with Stay of Enforcement for Testing until December 31, 2011

CPSC to Use "Common Sense" on 100 ppm Lead Standard

Washington State Publishes Requirements for Children's Safe Products Act

Canada Proposes Cadmium Limit in Children's Jewelry


SPC&B Textile Report – July 19, 2011

CPSC Issues Final Rule on Drawstrings as a Substantial Product Hazard

EC Adopts New Textile Labeling Regualtion


SPC&B Safety News – July 14, 2011

CPSC Votes on 100 ppm Lead Content Limit for Children's Products Effective August 14, 2011


SPC&B Safety News – June 29, 2011

CPSC Votes on Mandatory Drawstring Ban


SPC&B Update – June 24, 2011

CBP Clarifies Procedures for PEAs, PSCs, and Post-Import Preference Claims


SPC&B Safety News – June 23, 2011

CPSC Staff Recommends No Exemptions from the 100 ppm Lead Content Limit for Children's Products Effective August 14, 2011


SPC&B Safety News – June 9, 2011

Canada's Consumer Product Safety Act Goes Into Effect June 20, 2011


SPC&B Update – June 2, 2011

USITC Reverses Course and Does Not Recommend Duty-Free Provisions for Utilitarian Festive Articles


SPC&B Textile Report – June 1, 2011

CBP Focuses on Textile and Apparel Enforcement Issues


SPC&B Update – May 31, 2011

ACE Entry Filers May File Post Summary Corrections in ACE Starting June 4, 2011; Post Entry Amendments to be Phased Out for ACE Filers


SPC&B Safety News – May 25, 2011

EU Extends Cadmium Ban to Metal Jewelry and to All Plastic Products


SPC&B Textile Report – April 21, 2011

A New Opportunity to Fight Against Duty Discrimination


SPC&B Update – April 21, 2011

CBP Requires Special Virgin Islands Rider to General Term Bonds


SPC&B Safety News – April 21, 2011

CPSC to Allow Further Retrospective Test Reports for Children's Products Flammability Testing


SPC&B Textile Report – April 5, 2011

Legislation is Re-Introduced to Provide Duty Free Treatment of "Performance Outerwear"


SPC&B Safety News – March 28, 2011

Prop 65 Fashion Accessories Phthalates Settlement Expanded to Industry-Wide "3P Standard," Opt-In Available


SPC&B Safety News – March 24, 2011

New Proposition 65 Settlement Agreement for Cadmium in Jewelry


SPC&B Textile Report – March 18, 2011

FTC Publishes Enforcement Policy on Truth in Fur Labeling Act


SPC&B Textile Report – March 14, 2011

Reminder – Truth in Fur Labeling Act Goes Into Effect on March 18, 2011


SPC&B Safety News – March 14, 2011

CPSC Officially Launches Consumer Product Safety Information Database


SPC&B Update – March 8, 2011

Recent CBP Rulings Identify a Variety of Costs Excludable from Transaction Value as Charges Incident to the International Shipment of Merchandise


SPC&B Update – March 3, 2011

New California Law Requires Anti-Slavery Supply Chain Disclosures


SPC&B Safety News – February 11, 2011

CPSC Posts Updated Table of GCC Requirements and Stays of Enforcement


SPC&B Update – February 9, 2011

Do Your Competitors Have Access to Your Company's Manifest Information?


SPC&B Safety News – February 1, 2011

CPSC Votes to Extend Stay of Enforcement of Lead Testing and Certification Requirements for Children's Products to December 31, 2011


SPC&B Safety News – January 25, 2011

CPSC Scheduled to Vote on Whether to Extend Stay of Enforcement of Lead Testing and Certification Requirements for Children's Products


SPC&B Textile Report – January 25, 2011

Update on Truth in Fur Labeling Act


SPC&B Safety News – January 20, 2011

CPSC Intends to Do a "Soft Launch" of the Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database on January 24, 2011


SPC&B Update – January 12, 2011

ITC Proposes Changes to Footwear Provisions


SPC&B Update – January 7, 2011

CBP Publishes Formulas for Determining Amounts of Importer/Broker Continuous Bonds