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2012 Newsletters

SPC&B Update – December 7, 2012

Country of Origin Marking for Burma/Myanmar

CBP Raises Informal Entry Limit for All Products, Including Textiles


SPC&B Safety News – December 6, 2012

Reminder – The Grace Period is Over – Children's Product Testing Program Requirements Take Effect February 8, 2013


SPC&B Update – November 29, 2012

Time to Review Social Compliance Policies

Brazil to Consider New Products for Temporary Duty Increases


SPC&B Update – November 20, 2012

Myanmar Import Ban Waived for Most Products, Except Rubies and Jadeite


SPC&B Update – October 24, 2012

Upcoming Changes to EU's GSP Program


SPC&B Safety News – October 5, 2012

EU Regulates Lead Content in Jewelry


SPC&B Update – October 4, 2012

CBP to Allow Importers with Successful Focused Assessments to Join ISA Automatically


SPC&B Safety News – October 1, 2012

California Proposition 65 Settlements Cover New Products and Substances


SPC&B Update – September 28, 2012

State Department Advises:  Lifting of Burma/Myanmar Import Ban to be Gradual


SPC&B Textile Report – September 25, 2012

DR-CAFTA Fixes to be Effective October 13, 2012

FTC Seeks Comments on Proposed Care Labeling Changesd


SPC&B Update – September 14, 2012

SEC Publishes Final "Conflict Minerals" Rule


SPC&B Textile Report – September 12, 2012

FTC Seeks Comments on Flexibility in Fur Product Labeling Rules


SPC&B Textile Report – August 3, 2012

Congress Finally Passes AGOA, DR-CAFTA, and Burma Legislation


SPC&B Textile Report – May 9, 2012

New China and Egypt Import Requirements


SPC&B Update – May 7, 2012

U.S. and EU Announce Mutual Recognition of C-TPAT and AEO Programs


SPC&B Textile Report – May 1, 2012

Switching from ATPDEA to U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement on May 15, 2012


SPC&B Textile Report – April 25, 2012

Mexico Extends the Use of Reference Prices for Textile, Apparel and Footwear Imports


SPC&B Update – April 10, 2012

Mexico to Utilize Price Alert System on Footwear Imports

Mexico Conducts Intensive NAFTA Audits on Textiles from the U.S.


SPC&B Safety News – April 4, 2012

Washington State's Reporting Requirements under Children's Safe Product Act

Rules Proposed by EPA Could Affect a Variety of Imports


SPC&B Update – March 16, 2012

CBP Publishes Korea FTA Entry Requirements


SPC&B Update – March 13, 2012

FDA to Implement New ITACS System


SPC&B Textile Report – March 6, 2012

CBP Announces DR Loss of Cumulation Benefit under DR-CAFTA


SPC&B Textile Report – February 16, 2012

New Gender/Age Discrimination Suit is Dismissed


SPC&B Update – February 6, 2012

Committee Formed to Promote Electronic CITES Documentation


SPC&B Textile Report – January 23, 2012

Mexico Amends Textile Labeling Standard


SPC&B Update – January 23, 2012

CAFC Holds CVDs Not Applicable to Non-Market Economies