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SPC&B Update – August 1, 2016
EPA Set to Require Certification, Labeling, and Recordkeeping of Composite Wood Products

SPC&B Update – June 8, 2016
Modifications to Utah's Requirements for Stuffed and Filled Products

SPC&B Update – May 25, 2016
NY State May Soon Join the Chemical Reporting Band Wagon

SPC&B Update – May 6, 2016
Do You Know How Your Shipments Will be Valued in Other Countries?

SPC&B Update – March 29, 2016
Court Loosens Requirements for Origin Marking Related to Non-Registered Trademarks

SPC&B Textile Report – March 8, 2016
CPSC Changes GCC Requirement for Adult Apparel

SPC&B Update – January 29, 2016
New York/Newark Longshoremen in Surprise Wildcat Strike

SPC&B Update – January 22, 2016
EU Last Sale Rule and Consignment Shipments
Canada Clarifies Origin Documentation Requirements

SPC&B Update – January 15, 2016
EU Changes Treatment of Royalties for Duty Purposes

SPC&B Update – January 13, 2016
EU Intends to Eliminate First Sale Valuation Effective May 1, 2016

SPC&B Update – December 14, 2015
Congress Passes Customs Reauthorization Bill with Significant Enforcement Provisions

SPC&B Update – December 10, 2015
Children's Product Manufacturers Will be Required to Report Chemicals of High Concern in Vermont

SPC&B Update – December 4, 2015
Congress Passes Highway Bill Which Will Result in Increased Customs User Fees

SPC&B Update – November 11, 2015
TPP Implementation Timeline

SPC&B Update – November 6, 2015
TPP Details Are Available for All Products

SPC&B Textile Report – November 6, 2015
TPP Details Are Available

SPC&B Textile Report – October 19, 2015
TPP for Textiles & Apparel

SPC&B Update – October 8, 2015
Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Reach an Agreement – What's Next?

SPC&B Update – September 29, 2015
Mexico to Require Additional Information on Import Value, Renews Lower Case Labeling Only for Man-Made Fibers

SPC&B Update – July 21, 2015
California Considers Legislation to Require Labels on the Use or Non-Use of Flame Retardants

SPC&B Update – July 8, 2015
Certain Handbags, Luggage, and Other Cases Could Gain GSP Eligibility

SPC&B Update – June 30, 2015
Congress Finally Passes Tariff Legislation – Good News, for the Most Part

SPC&B Update – June 29, 2015
Global Trade Update – Recent Actions Taken by Mexico, China and the EU

SPC&B Update – June 12, 2015
Mobile Phone Case Decision From the CIT Could Yield Significant Savings for Importers

SPC&B Update – May 12, 2015
Canadian Court Holds That R&D Expenses Paid to the Vendor May be Included in Their Entirety in Transaction Value
Reminder – ISF Grace Period Expires Tomorrow

SPC&B Update – February 12, 2015
U.S. Files WTO Complaint Against China Subsidies

SPC&B Update – February 5, 2015
Maine and Albany Target Products Containing Certain Heavy Metals and Chemicals
Foreign Countries Issue New and Revised Standards

SPC&B Update – January 8, 2015
AGOA Changes for 2015
Mexico Tightens Import Requirements for Textiles and Apparel

SPC&B Update – December 5, 2014
CPSC Drafts Proposed Phthalates Rule
hina Amends Labeling Requirements for Various Types of Bags

SPC&B Update – November 5, 2014
Federal District Court Allows California "Made in USA" Class Action Suit

SPC&B Update – October 10, 2014
CBP Changes Focused Assessment Program, Possibly Making ISA More Attractive

SPC&B Update – September 23, 2014
Court Decision Reinforces Need for Vigorous Compliance Programs

SPC&B Safety News – September 18, 2014
Phthalates Primer – Did You Know...

SPC&B Update – September 11, 2014
CBP Decides Not to Issue Revised First Sale ICP
Canada Publishes Guidance on Importing Apparel Samples and Invoicing Imported Textiles

SPC&B Update – August 25, 2014
California Prop 65 Actions Continue
CBP Publishes Guidance on Post Importation FTA Claims

SPC&B Update – July 29, 2014
Court Grants Extension for Filing Freight Forwarder Claims in Class Action Suit

SPC&B Update – July 14, 2014
Comments Sought on CBP's Proposed Changes to First Sale Documentation Requirements

SPC&B Update – July 9, 2014
CBP Will No Longer Allow FTA Claims to be Filed Via Protest
Companies Doing Business in California Targeted Under "Made in USA" False Advertising Law

SPC&B Textile Report – June 3, 2014
FTC Approves Final Changes to Wool Rules

SPC&B Textile Report – March 17, 2014
FTC Approves Final Rule on Textile Labeling
SPC&B Update – October 31, 2013

Last Chance for Filing Claim in Class Action Suit Against Forwarders

SPC&B Update – October 16, 2013
Reminder: Time is Running Out for Your Company to Benefit from Class Action Suit Against Forwarders

SPC&B Textile Report – August 14, 2013
Another Gender/Age Discrimination Suit Is Filed

SPC&B Safety News – August 14, 2013
Ohio Amends Bedding & Stuffed Toy Reporting Requirement
Canada Issues Industry Guide to Children's Jewelry Requirements

SPC&B Update – August 12, 2013
Class Action Suit Against Forwarders May Benefit Importers/Exporters

SPC&B Update – August 6, 2013
APHIS Announces New Electronic Filing Method for Lacey Act Declarations

SPC&B Update – July 11, 2013
Canada Updates Country of Origin Marking Regulations, Customs Self-Assessment Program
Mexico Proposes Enforcement of Lead Limits in Certain Consumer Products

SPC&B Safety News – July 2, 2013
Cadmium and Other Heavy Metals Targeted by Individual States

SPC&B Update – June 27, 2013

TPP Update

SPC&B Update – June 7, 2013
Final Stage of ISF Enforcement Starts July 9, 2013

SPC&B Safety News – June 5, 2013
Minnesota Ban on Formaldehyde in Certain Children's Products – A Sign of Things to Come?

SPC&B Safety News – May 14, 2013
CPSC Proposes Certificate of Compliance Changes

SPC&B Textile Report – May 13, 2013
Heightened Concern in Supply Chain Verification – Building Safety
FTC Proposes Changes to Textile Labeling Rules

SPC&B Update – April 19, 2013
Canada Eliminates Duty on Babies Clothing and Certain Athletic Equipment
Europe Considers Lead Limit for Consumer Products

SPC&B Update – April 16, 2013
Burma and Laos Seek GSP Treatment
CPSC Requests Information on Possible Exemptions from Third Party Testing

SPC&B to Conduct USA-ITA Webinar on Importing Textiles and Apparel into Canada

SPC&B Update – April 8, 2013
A Clause in Purchase Order Making Seller Responsible for Air Freight in the Event of Late Shipment May Not Be Sufficient to Allow for Deduction of International Freight Charges at Time of Customs Clearance

SPC&B Update – March 1, 2013
Impact of the Sequester

SPC&B Update – February 27, 2017
CBP Amends its Guidance on Post-Importation Claims for Preferential Tariff Treatment

SPC&B Update – February 17, 2017

Now Is the Time to Let Your Congressional Representatives Know Your Thoughts on Trade

SPC&B Update – January 20, 2017
President Trump Set to Change U.S. Trade Policy

SPC&B Update – December 12, 2016
Now Is the Time to Consider First Sale Valuation

SPC&B Update – November 15, 2016
How Will Trade be Affected by the Trump Presidency and a Republican Congress?

SPC&B Update – October 10, 2016
Imports of Burmese Jadeite and Rubies to be Allowed Once Again

SPC&B Update – August 29, 2016
Provisions for "Performance Outerwear" Added to Chapter 62, Changing Many Provisions

SPC&B Update – August 26, 2016
CAFC Upholds CIT Decision on Classification of Cell Phone Cases